Why Custom Build

BMT Solutions proudly builds custom workstations, gaming systems, and servers. We also offer pre-built computer systems from Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Because of this we're frequently asked what the difference is and why a customer would choose one over the other. In short, a custom built system is vaguely similar to a bespoke suit. The components, design, and performance are hand picked to match your business or personal needs. Pre-built systems however are more of an off-the-shelf suit desigend to fit the average person and may be made with cheaper components. Sometimes you find something off the shelf that works but a custom built system is always a perfect fit.

No Preloaded Junkware Applications

Our custom systems only come pre-loaded with the operating system and any specific software you need. Most Pre-Built systems also come preloaded with dozens of "junkware" applications. These applications normally start up when you turn on your computer and continue to run in the background. This causes your system to run noticeably slower and reduces your system's stability. "Junkware" applications can also cause incompatibility issues with other programs that you actually need.

Better, Non-Proprietary, Quality Hardware

Our custom systems are made with high quality non-proprietary hardware from highly respected manufacturers. Many Pre-Built systems are built using lower quality proprietary components which can result in a system that's slightly less stable, slower, and forces you to buy expensive proprietary replacement parts. With our non-proprietary hardware any competent computer technician can work on your system and replacement parts can be easily sourced from several manufacturers. Proprietary Pre-Built systems lock you in to working with the system manufacturer regardless of their level of service or commitment to your business.

Better Performance

Our custom systems perform better then a similarly "specificated" Pre-Built computer. With higher quality hardware comes better performance and stability. Not all hard drives, motherboards, or video cards perform the same even with the same "spec numbers" on the box. Pre-Built systems often advertise the most commonly understood specifications and do not mention many other factors that effect system performance. This allows them to use cheaper components while giving the impression of a high performance system.

Options & Customizations

Our custom systems can be tailored for you or you can tell us what you want. You can choose a few parts and we can fill in the rest or you can hand select everything. With custom built systems you can customize the case (big, small, loud, quiet) and every single component inside along with the accessories like the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, etc. If you want high-end studio monitor speakers matched with a color-perfect calibrated display then just let us know. Maybe you want an ultra-small, noise-less computer case to help you concentrate on work or a larger case with lots of room for expansion. With Pre-Built systems you only have a small number of customizable options from the manufacturers pre-defined list.


This is where the compaison moves into a gray area. For entry level systems it is almost always cheaper to buy a Pre-Built system. As you move upward into mid-range workstations and higher performance systems the costs become very comparable. Custom gaming systems and server grade equipment are normally substantially less then Pre-Built systems. Keep in mind that even though a "similarly specificated" Pre-Built system may be found for a small percentage cheaper; A custom built system will be faster, more stable, and last longer.

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