Standard List Rates

Hourly Service

  • Onsite - $85.00 per hour
    Billed hourly, one hour minimum.
    Travel time is billed for locations outside of Tulsa.

  • Remote - $50.00 per hour
    Billed bi-hourly, one hour minimum.

  • Managed SCM - $25.00 per hour
    Covers work related to the setup, configuration, or modification of manged services.
    Billed quarterly, no minimum.

Phone Service

  • Hosted PBX Service - $25 per month (per phone)
    For a small office that needs a PBX (phone system) features without the large up front cost of purchasing a physical phone system.
    No long distance fee's for US/Canada Calls
    Includes Voicemail, Voicemail 2 E-Mail, & CallerID.

  • VoIP Trunk Service - $25 per month (per line)
    Standard telephone line for voice or fax calls.
    No long distance fee's for US/Canada Calls
    Includes Voicemail, Voicemail 2 E-Mail, & CallerID.

  • HTTPS Fax Service - $35 per month (per line)
    For the highest possible reliability BMT Solutions offers HTTPS Faxing over VoIP.
    Includes sending and receiving faxes via E-Mail, Software, Web Application and/or a physicial fax machine.
    No long distance fee's for US/Canada Calls

  • DID Number - $2.5 per month (per number)
    For each Direct Inward Dial number associated with your VoIP/FAX account.

  • E911 Service - $2.5 per month (per number)
    For each DID number configured with E911 service associated with your VoIP/FAX account.

Managed Hosting

  • Managed E-Mail Hosting - $2 per mailbox, $10 per month minimum.
    IMAP/SMTP e-mail service with spam filtering*.
    Calendar, Tasks, & Addressbook features included.
    1GB storage per mailbox**.
    Fully featured web interface.
    Seive scripting capable for advanced e-mail management.
    Multiple desktop clients supported including eM Client, Outlook***, & Thunderbird***.
    Fully supported by most smart phones including iPhones & most Android based phones.

  • Managed Web Hosting - Variable cost per site, $10 per month minimum.
    Unlimited bandwidth usage.
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Sqlite databases available.
    PHP 5.4+ scripting engine available.
    Wordpress & Drupal available.
    Website logging and traffic analytics available.
    Search Engine Optimization available.
    Cost based on website size, average traffic, and optional features.

  • Managed Data Hosting - $.20 per GB, $10 per month minimum.
    Unlimited bandwidth usage.
    Onsite delivery and pickup of data is available.

  • Notes.
    * - Spam filtering via grey listing and rejecting non RFC-complient senders.
    ** - Standard data hosting charges apply for overages.
    *** - Additional software and charges are required for calendar, tasks, and addressbook features.

  • Free Hosting Available - $0 per month (for 12 months)
    For loyal customers and start-up companies using other services from us we offer free hosting for the first year. After that our normal rates apply. Free hosting may be extended beyond the initial 12 month period on a per account basis. Your company must be approved for this offer and it may be revoked at anytime. Setup, configuration, modification, and and renewal costs still apply.

3rd Party / Equipment

  • Purchase - MSRP or Market Value
    When providing service or equipment from 3rd party sources we charge the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) or the Market Value of that item depending on our cost. Examples are Cisco SMARTnet Maintenance, Computer Systems (PreBuilt or Custom), Phone Systems, Telephones, Networking Equipment, VoIP Gateways, etc.

  • Rental - Replacement Cost over 20 months.
    All rentals are charged monthly at a rate of 5% of the Replacement Cost for the item or an equivalent replacement. After the inital 20 months the rental fee may be reduced to the current market value of the item or equivalent replacement. All rented equipment remains the property of BMT Solutions and full original MSRP price may be charged for any damaged, lost, or stolen rented requipment.

* These rates are subject to change and are not guarenteed. Discounted rates are provided based on volume, group purchaes, and customer loyalty. Please Contact us for a quote.