Our Community

We believe that any relationship should be a healthy mixture of give and take on both sides. This applies to the businesses we work with and for those we work for. This type of attitude has helped us grow stronger relationships with our customers and business partners and we feel it's important to maintain it across all aspects of our business.

With that in mind we want to make sure we both thank and return the favor of the many thousands of individuals and busiesses alike that have offered their work to the community for free. At BMT Solutions we've taken advantage of many of the open source software packages available to run our business. We've used the expertise of hundreds (or more) of people through online blogs, community forums, wiki sites, and so forth. All these people have taken a substantial amount of their time and effort and provided it free of charge to the community. That's a tremendous gesture of kindness and it should be returned.

We're actively working on several how-to's and other forms of documentation we plan to make available here. We're also working on developing in-house software solutions, frameworks, and other projects that we intend on releasing to the open source community as well. These efforts are undergoing and hopefully we'll have results available soon.

Some of our work-in-progress can be seen on our new Wiki page.